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  • Which video types/formats will it allow me to edit?

    You may have to convert your video file into a file that the Free Video Editor tool is able to use. The files it will allow you to edit are MPEG1, MPEG2, AVI, MOV, MP4, M4V, MPG, FLV, DIVX, and XVID.

  • Will it work with Windows 10?

    The Free Video Editor was not created for Windows 10 devices, but it will work on your Windows 10 operating system because your operating system will adapt itself to run this Free Video Editor tool. If your operating system doesn't adapt automatically, you may install the tool and use your operating system’s compatibility settings. The settings for Windows XP often work well.

  • Is it really free?

    The tool itself is free, and you are downloading the full version of this Free Video Editor tool when you take your download from here. The reason the tool has such a small file size is because the tool itself is rather basic. For example, megabytes of space hasn't been wasted creating a fancy skin or fancy buttons for the interface.

  • Is there a catch or reason why they are giving this software away?

    There are two ugly downsides to this software. The first is that hackers are constantly finding ways to add malware into the developer’s software because their other programs are frequently used by the hacking and pirating community, so if your virus checker flags the software, then try again in a few months. There are many versions of this software floating around the Internet that have spyware embedded in them. Another download downside to downloading and installing this software is that is comes with a lot of bloatware, and some of the bloatware is unavoidable. Plus, some of the bloatware is very difficult to remove completely.

  • What use is the audio waveform below the video?

    It firstly shows you where your audio track is located in comparison to where you are editing in your video. The waverform itself shows you the intensity of the sound in comparison to the rest of the audio on the video. For example, if one section has very high intensity and another has very low intensity, then it will damage the quality of your video as your users will have to turn their volume settings up and down in order to compensate for the quiet and loud sections.

  • Why does it take so long for uploaded videos to become editable?

    When you upload your video into the tool, the tool has to read the file and show a representation of it in the GUI. This process takes time because the tool is not very efficient when it comes to uploading videos.

  • Does the Free Video Editor tool support 4K?

    The developers updated the tool so that it now accepts 4K video. It takes a while for the video to load when you give upload it into the Free Video Editor tool because 4K video files tend to have a large size (large in terms of how much space it takes up on your hard drive).

  • How do I know what the buttons do or mean?

    There are no official instructions on how to use the Free Video Editor tool, but the buttons and the menu options are all fairly simple, and you may use trial and error in order to figure out what they do. Try uploading a video and then trying the buttons. You can always close the program and then start again once you have finished experimenting.

  • Can I flip and rotate my video image?

    You may rotate your video images and you may flip your video image vertically or horizontally. You may not set the video to run in reverse, but you can set the video to run at a faster rate than it does naturally.

  • Can I maintain the original date of creation?

    In order to stop people using this Free Video Editor tool for video hoaxes, this tool will not allow you to keep your original file details. For example, if you recorded your video last week, and then you used the Free Video Editor tool to edit the video, your new output file will have today’s date on it and not last week’s date. They do not allow you to keep the original file so that this tool cannot be used to create hoaxes/fake videos.